Who we are and what we do

The IP Commercialisation Group is a dedicated team of experts focussing on all aspects where IP meets money. Whether it be a start-up looking for funds to innovate or helping you analyse IP within a transaction or decide on whether to use open source as a business model, our team can assist you. The individuals listed below are specialists in their fields and can be contacted directly on iplive@adamsadams.com. Get in touch, we would be happy to have coffee with you.

Meet the Team!

André Visser [Andre.Visser@adamsadams.com]

Danie Strachan [Danie.Strachan@adamsadams.com]

Darren Olivier [Darren.Olivier@adamsadams.com]

Eugene Honey [Eugene.Honey@adamsadams.com]

Ashlin Perumall [Ashlin.Perumall@adamsadams.com]

Nic Rosslee [Nicholas.Rosslee@adamsadams.com]

Ian Learmonth [Ian.Learmonth@adamsadams.com]

Reinhardt Biermann [Reinhardt.Biermann@adamsadams.com]